About Moragh

Moragh August 2007-1

 Moragh, whose name is Gaelic and is pronounced Mora, lives in the UK. Though she trained as a physiotherapist, she spent much of her married life caring for her disabled husband, who died in 2004. She has three sons and two grandkids, who she tries to see as often as she can.

She has written, on and off over the years, for various newsletters, mainly for the CMT support group which caters for those who shared her husband’s neuromuscular condition. She and her husband were also founder members and directors of a local disability charity, specialising in awareness and training for those who are responsible for ensuring that access is available to public buildings and spaces for all people with a disability. She only started writing more seriously after she was widowed.

In December 2010 she started entering poetry competitions and, although she has yet to win any of them, she has had seven poems printed in various anthologies. She also had several articles published in the UK Guardian, the first one being published in the weekend family supplement in December 2011.

She completed most of a creative writing course which was designed to help her learn how to become a better writer and to further her writing opportunities, and, in this, it has succeeded.  However, this course was put on hold during most of 2012 while she wrote the biography of her friends, Jack and Misty, from Florida. Now her book is finished and in print she hopes to eventually finish her course modules. But for now, she is working on a children’s picture book and other projects. The book, In Harmony, can be found on http://www.troubador.co.uk/book_info.asp?bookid=2015 or http://www.amazon.com/In-Harmony-Moragh-Carter/dp/1780884206/

Her other hobbies are travelling, making new friends, listening to country music and going line dancing. She has made many friends through these pastimes and has met people from all over the country and from overseas. She loves to travel and, since 2007, she has been to the USA at least once a year. She has made many friends there, as well as visiting her sister and cousin who live there. She also attends many country music festivals around the UK, travelling in her red VW camper van.

At the Wylfa Festival, Anglesey, N.Wales, UK - May 2009.

At the Wylfa Festival, Anglesey, N.Wales, UK – May 2009.

Read more about Moragh on http://about.me/moraghcarter and about her line dance and the story behind it on http://dancermo.com/page2.php


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