About Jack & Misty

Jack and Misty are award winning country music stars who have lived in Florida for over fifty years. They have worked alongside most of the well-known stars of their generation. Both were born and brought up in Buffalo, NY, moving to Florida in the late fifties. After working for many years in clubs and bars around Orlando and Miami, they recorded and released their song, ‘Tennessee Birdwalk’, which became huge hit, unexpectedly shooting them to fame in 1970. For this song they won a Grammy nomination and the prestigious Billboard Magazine Award for Duet of the Year. They were up against stiff competition for the Grammy, which was won that year by Johnny Cash and June Carter.

They are known for their unique and distinctive harmonies, with Misty’s beautiful alto voice harmonizing perfectly with Jack’s deep gravelly voice, which has been described as a ‘velvet saw’. They are both fine keyboard players and Jack also plays various guitars, including lap steel. They have seen and experienced the highs and lows of the music industry and have had many exciting adventures along the way.

More recently, they were inducted into the New York Country Music Hall of Fame in 2004, and in 2010 they were inducted into the Buffalo (NY) Music Hall of Fame.

Jack and Misty after their induction into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame October 2010



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