Making Progress with my Book

My book, ‘In Harmony’, is making good progress. I am now at the stage of proofreading and marking up corrections on the typeset manuscript. An author friend of mine is helping me by supplying, not only a second pair of eyes, but also her expertise and experience as a proofreader. She has picked up many points that I would have overlooked, mostly commas or full-stops (periods) that are surplus to requirements … or missing. She has also picked up on some transposed or duplicated words, plus the occasional omitted word.

I had to transfer all these corrections onto the manuscript, using the ‘Proof Correction Marks’ on the sheet supplied to me by my publishers. I have just put the manuscript with the corrections into the post to the publisher.

Hopefully, after one more final proof, it will be ready for me to sign off as ready to print.


About moraghsblog

I started writing seriously after I was widowed in 2004, though I'd had the occasional article or letter published in various newsletters or magazines before then. I first started entering poetry contests in December 2010 and I have had several poems published in various anthologies. I have almost completed a comprehensive creative writing course, but the last two modules have been put on hold for now, due to lack of time and a spell of ill-health. This course is designed to teach their students how to write to a standard that will enable them to sell their work to magazine editors. My first paid article was in the Guardian weekend family supplement in December 2011, and I have had several articles successfully published in a variety of magazines since then. During 2012, I took time out from my course to complete the biography of country music stars, Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan from Florida. I met Jack and Misty in 2007, two years after I started corresponding with them via e-mail. My book 'In Harmony' was published in December that year. Apart from my writing, I enjoy going to country music gigs and festivals. I also love travelling, especially to the USA, where I have made a huge number of friends. I also have some family members who live there. I have recently started a new blog, telling of my travels and adventures in the USA.
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