This first post tells you about the first book I wrote: ‘In Harmony’ – a biography of Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan

Just who are Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan?  Do these names mean anything to you? Are you a fan, or have you never heard of them? Whether you know anything about them or not, you will be fascinated by their story — a story of their life as hard-working musicians, knowing hardship and sometimes danger; their rise to fame and fortune during their heyday, right through to their come-back in the digital age, long after many people thought that they had disappeared from the scene for ever … read more on the page ‘About Jack & Misty’.

This book is available from the publishers, Troubador, and from or, though Amazon only carry pre-owned copies of my book now.

Reviews of this book can be found on the Troubador and Amazon sites.

Front cover of my book

Front cover of my book

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My Travel Blog

My travel blog can be found by going to:

Moragh’s Travels in the USA – Discovering The Real America

Here you can find the stories from my travels in and through many states of the USA, ever since my first solo trip in 2007. They are in random date-order, but each story is complete in itself. I have had so many experiences that tourists don’t normally have … people I’ve met, places I’ve been. I generally avoid the normal tourist routes and get to know the ordinary, and some extraordinary, people who live, or have lived, there. Some of the people I’ve met have now sadly died, but I’m so glad I had the chance to meet them before they passed. I hope you enjoy the read and that you will subscribe to that blog. Then you’ll get notified each time I post a new story.

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Two new pages added

I have added two new pages, one page for some of my poetry and another where I plan to introduce some of my writer friends.

I hope you will enjoy them.

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My book’s first review on

5.0 out of 5 stars Before and after Stardom 7 Feb 2013
By MichaelW – Published on
Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase
“This little book by Moragh (Mo) Carter is an enjoyable journey through the lives of Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan. I knew their biggest hit “Tennessee Birdwalk” but living in Australia and being young, I knew their hit ,but no more, until quite recently I became friends with Jack and Misty on Facebook. I quickly became a fan of Jack’s wonderful humour and wicked stories of life hanging between fiction and fact. So, when I discovered this biography, I couldn’t resist it. As a musician, one’s goal is success : a hit song. But there is the long road to arriving and, more surprising, the even longer road after a world number one! Struggle. Some quite awful situations present themselves which required presence of mind, effort and good fortune. So Jack and Misty are a good read; a nice romance; an adventure; a chart topping creative stream and a darn nice little book.
My compliments to Moragh on her conveyance of the rough and smooth of their lives. She, as author, is quite transparent usually – faithfully describing her subject with, I think, very little false colouring.
If you know just their hit song or if you’re a serious fan, it’s a nice book to read. I confess I would have liked a bit more because some situations stimulated intrigue and a thirst for a more in depth look but buy it. Honestly. It’s nice.”
Thank you, Michael from Australia.
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Back cover of the book

Back cover of my book 'In Harmony'

Back cover of my book ‘In Harmony’

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Front cover of the book

Front cover of my book

Front cover of my book

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Nice to get the approval of my typesetter …

Jennifer Liptrot of Matador Publishing, who did all the typesetting for Jack & Misty’s biography, ‘In Harmony’, was asked if she ever got time to read the books she was working on.

She replied, “I sometimes do get to read our books all the way through. I read the majority of yours and found their (Jack & Misty’s) lives fascinating.”

She went on to say that she had ordered a copy of the finished book for herself.

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It’s Finshed at Last … !!

At long last my book, ‘In Harmony’, is finished and now on sale from Toubador Publishing or from Amazon. If you have been waiting with bated breath, your wait is over and you can go ahead and order your copy just as soon as you please.

The work for me is not yet over as I have 100 copies to sell in my local area. The Book Shop in Nantwich is carrying some copies on a ‘sale or return’ agreement and so is my local garage. I have already obtained permission to sell them at my line dance classes and at the country music clubs that I attend regularly.

One or two people have told me that they are waiting for the e-book which will be out before the end of November.

Here is a picture of the back cover of the book


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How do you know when you are meeting a potentially useful contact?

The short answer is that you probably don’t know it at the time.

I have met many people who share my interest in country music during my travels round the country music scene in both the UK and in the USA, particularly in Nashville. The majority of the people I have got to know are musicians, singers or songwriters, and some are also producers or promoters. Others friends are, like me, music lovers who love to attend the many country music festivals and clubs around the country in order to see their favourite artists in action, as well as getting to hear artists who they’ve not seen before.

Ever since I joined the country music scene I have always made a point, wherever possible, of trying to get to speak to the artists I like. I frequently follow up their gigs with an e-mail to them to say how much I enjoyed their performance. As a result I have made some very good friends.

It is an amazing discovery when you find out that some of those friends and acquaintances that you’ve made, sometimes several years ago, prove to be such invaluable contacts at a later date. I was not consciously ‘net-working’ but, as it turns out, this is what in effect I was doing. Up till recently it had never even occurred to me that any of these people would be in a position to be able to help me complete my book. Most of those friendships had been made before the book was even a blip on the horizon.

While writing my book the time came to think about the cover design and I needed to get some blurbs for the back cover of the book. I thought it would be good to try and get blurbs from some of the people who had worked with Jack and Misty in the past, all well known people in Nashville. A few possibilities came to mind and Jack’s daughter, Kathi, suggested a couple more names for me to consider. I chose six people to ask and I set about trying to contact them. I already had the contact details for two of them, as I had met them on one or more of my previous visits to Nashville, but for the other four I needed to do some detective work. Being in the public eye, they kept their private e-mail addresses and phone numbers just that …. private.

However, I had recently met someone who I knew would be able to contact two of them as he had been working with them both not many months before. He kindly agreed to forwarded my e-mail on to them and they responded quickly to my request, so now I had four out of the six blurbs I wanted.

The other two proved to be much more elusive. I searched the internet for any contact details I could find, but I was getting nowhere fast. I was getting no response to my e-mails or, if I phoned, I was reaching publicity or merchandising staff who had no idea how to get a personal message up the hierarchy to the man at the top. I tried contacting some people I knew in Nashville who I thought might know how to get a message to them in person, but they were unable to help me.

Suddenly I remembered someone from the UK who I had met a few times over the last year or two. I knew that this guy had many Nashville contacts, so I asked him if he had the phone number for one of these two elusive people. He didn’t have it, but he knew someone in Nashville whom he was certain would have it as he was a close friend of the person I was trying to contact. My UK contact kindly forwarded my e-mail to his friend in Nashville, who then phoned his friend, passing on my request. A few hours later I received an e-mail with the blurb I wanted.

I had given up hope of hearing from the sixth guy, having had no response to my e-mails or phone messages. Then, five weeks later, he replied to one of my e-mails with the long awaited blurb. If he’d left it much longer he would have missed the deadline for it to be included in the book, but he made it on time … just. As a bonus, my proofreader, who has been a fan of Jack and Misty for most of her life, gave me a seventh blurb.

I now had another problem. I had asked for one or two-liner blurbs, but most of my contributors had written much longer ones. How were we going to fit them all onto that back cover? The answer was to extract a highlight from each one for the cover, with the full text of the blurbs being placed inside the book. I checked with the contributors to see that they were happy with this solution and they all agreed with it.

I am so very grateful to all my contacts who made getting these blurbs possible, and to each one of those contributors.

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The proofreading is taking much longer than I had anticipated. Each time I receive corrected proofs back from the publishers I hope that we have got all the mistakes rectified, only to find that I or my proofreader, Alice, have found yet more corrections are needed.

My travels round the USA have caused further delays as there were some days when I did not have computer access or else I was spending most of the day driving … but I am back in the UK now.

The next round of proof corrections are due this coming week … so we live in hope !!!

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